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Sharing the Magic of the Ragdoll Cat
We hope you enjoy looking at our beautiful Ragdoll Cats and Kittens!  Our cats are our pride and joy and we strive to
give them the very best of everything that life has to offer.  They live with us and have complete access to our home
except our male. He owns our master bedroom room.  We never enclose our Ragdolls, and all of our babies are free of
feline disease and are DNA tested for known HCM.  Only top of the line pedigrees are used for our Magical breeding
and I actively show my Ragdolls in TICA and CFA.  We strive to produce happy, healthy, well socialized babies!
We feel that this raises the benchmark of quality and conforms to the
high standards that are mandatory for our cattery home.

We are registered with CFA CFF and TICA.
We offer quality HOME RAISED and never caged Ragdoll kittens, in a rainbow of colors.
Kittens are well socialized for the best temperament.
3 Year Genetic Health Guarantee
including HCM, PKD, and FIP Guarantee.
Do not be taken in by breeders promising "Rare" mink, solid, and sepia ragdolls!
The solid, mink and sepia ragdolls are not recognized as meeting the standard
for the ragdoll breed in any of the large cat registries, and CFA
will not even allow these unaccepted variants to be registered as Ragdolls.
The ragdoll is a blue eyed pointed cat!!

Please look around our web site to see lots of photos of kittens and cats.
Delivery is possible and we are experienced in shipping.
Breeder and show kittens available on occasion to registered pre-approved catteries only.
Visitors are always welcome!
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Sept 24, 2014
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