Sharing the Magic of the Ragdoll Cat
Ragbenchers Aurora of Magical
Aurora  our first
beautiful female breeder.
Magical Lady Luthien
Seal Mitted
 Overland Trail Scout of Ragbenchers
2005-2006 3rd Best Seal Bi-Color
CFA Champion & TICA Quad Grand Champion
Dam: Ragbenchers Aurora of Magical
Looking for a forever home.
TICA's Best Blue Lynx Bi-Color Ragdoll of 2008
in the South East Region!
CH Celestrail Arwen of Magical

Sire: IA RW GCH Celestrail Benjamin's Testyment
Dam: Celestrail Emilie Janette
Blue Lynx Bi-Color
Thank You Lynne for trusting us
with this Beautiful Girl.
Kasseldolls Rohan of Magical
Chocolate Color Point
Sire:  S* Abayomis Izaiah of
CFF Master Grand Champion and
TICA Supreme Grand Champion
Dam:  Kasseldolls Hersheys Kisses
Photo by Helmi Flick
Rohan has been a Super boy
for our breeding program, and his
lines will live on.
He is now up for adoption.

Magical Lady of The Lake
Seal Lynx Bi-Color
Sire: BlossomOut ofThisWorld
Dam: CH Celestrail Arwen of Magical
Magical Swiss Miss
Sire: Kasseldolls Rohan of Magical
Dam: S*Evenstars Infinity of Magical
Missy is now co-owned and lives in RI.
Our very first home grown
Chocolate Mitted lady
S*Evenstar Infinity of Magical
Lilac Mitted
our Swedish Import
Has gone to live with our
wonderful friend Ken Staples.
Magical Lady Khaleesi
Chocolate Mitted carries Blue
Sire: Kasseldolls Rohan of Magical
Dam: TexRenRags Sophia of Magical
Is living with Ken Staples
Introducing Magical's new wonderful boy!
Kassledolls Mezmerize of Magical.
Blue Point Bi-Color and carries Chocolate
Sire: Kasseldolls Chocolate Tekila
CFF Grand Champion
TICA Quadruple Grand Champion
Dam: Cherryhill Victoria of Kasseldolls
TICA Supreme Grand Champion
Mezmerize started his show career as a kitten and
at the 8th International Ragdoll Congress placed 4th best
ragdoll kitten in show. He will continue to show as an adult.
Once again Kasseldolls Cattery and Ken Staples
has produced a fantastic boy for us!
Thank You Ken for your friendship and trusting me  with
this outstanding, huge, sweet, floppy boy!
Magical Mystical Celeste
Seal mitted carrying Chocolate
Sire: Kassledolls Rohan of Magical
Dam: CH Celestrail Arwen of Magical
Magical Nymeria
Chocolate Mitted caries dilute
Sire: Kasseldolls Rohan of Magical
Dam: S*Evenstar Infinity of
Nymeria is co-owed by Pam of
Galactic Rags and now lives in RI.
Introducing our Homegrown Lilac Bi-Color boy
Magical Grand Illusion
Sire: Kasseldolls Mezmerize of Magical
Dam: Magical Mystical Celeste
Can't say enough about how much I love this
boy. Type, size, and personality he has it all.