Magical Renwood of CozyCreek Ragdolls was
sold to Suzette Garey and permission to
sell, give, or lease any breeder's out of the
wonderful Renwood was never given. There
should be NO offspring of his in any
ragdoll breeder's cattery home.

Dear Annalisa, I wanted to thank you for our wonderful
Christmas gift. He has truly been a joy to have around and
is as you say "such a love". The kids absolutely LOVE him
and he has adjusted nicely to them as well. Most of the
time he gets in the bed with us. Blue is really good about
the kitty litter.  Anyway...I just wanted you to know that
he is being spoiled rotten and the kids are loving him up.
Blue is such a charmer  and he also seems oblivious to the
noise that 3 kids cause. Tell your two that I said thank you
for preparing him for his forever home. We can tell he was
raised with love, and your home was so beautiful and clean.
Our search for a Ragdoll ended with you. Thank you so much
for the bundle of joy and Blue says hi too!
Jenny, John & Kids
Betty's boy Cash
I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how much we love and adore MoJo. He seems
to love his home and has a ball running up and down our stairs. He and Dixie his sister are
getting along, although he can sometimes still be too playful for her liking. To counter this, we
have turned our family room into “kitty-center”. MoJo is growing by leaps and bounds. He loves
his kitten food and any type of sample of meat that we give him. He is well behaved and also is
very fond of empty laundry baskets and loves to jump in and out of them after Cassidy’s
ponytail holders. We all are very happy with our new addition to our family and love our new
baby. Thanks for providing such a lovely kitten and “love-bug” for our kids. Sometimes he is
more like a puppy as he follows them everywhere!! Thanks again- Merry Christmas- We’ll talk
soon! Love, The Wentz’s- Eric, Lori, Cassidy and Logan
Annalisa, I received your emails, and I want to tell you, you have been the most
considerate person, I have Never are really something...I would like to go on
your waiting list for a kitten...I have been to 100's of sites...and I mean that
literally...all over the U.S. And international...I have emailed a few with questions... but
no one was as helpful, and concerned as you...this means so much to me....Please let me
know what I need to do, to be on your list....(I have been trying to do my
homework)...and thank you for saying you would help me in the transportation part of
the situation...I am not set in stone on the color...although I find the Blue Bi-Color is my
favorite...I would like a cat that will have the typical big thick looking neck I see some
of the adults have...then you look elsewhere, and their necks don't have that look....I
hope this is alright with you....Please let me know...Thank you so much....I am just in awe
of your kindness to a stranger....Betty
We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for
your patience and guidance during our acquisition of
Hershey, our new blue-mitted Ragdoll boy.  
Hershey turned out to be the perfect kitten for
us and to be exactly what we wanted.  He has a
very playful personality and also wants to be close
to us all the time, but he knows when it is nap time
and comes to snuggle up.  It’s obvious that he was
raised with tender care and social interaction.  
Your professional advice and sincerity throughout
the process was fantastic.  You were so
accommodating and allowed us to visit with
Hershey and take pictures and videos - anytime we
wanted.  Hershey is doing very well in his new
home.   We are so happy that we've come to know
you and your family and we feel that you are one of
the best and most professional breeders around.  
Keep up the great work and we will recommend you
to anyone seeking a new Ragdoll kitten !!  Thanks so
much for all that you did during our long, yet
worthwhile wait for this little guy.   
Very Respectfully,
Birgit and JJ
Hi Annalisa,
I thought you'd like to know, Andy is now all settled in his new
home. Dylan and Barney have been sneaking peeks at him. Dylan
is great, only curious, but Barney is acting a bit aggressive.
We're having a talk with him about that, Andy just arches his
back, watches them through the screen, and then he just sits
down and looks at them like "So? What's your problem?!" He's
adorable!! His ride home was spent on my lap for all but about
20 minutes  once he realized I wasn't going to let him roam
around inside the car, he settled into his kitty bed on my lap
and played with my fingers and the toys we'd brought with him.
Annalisa, he is just a little angel!!!  I slept in his room with him
so he wouldn't be too lonely. He snuggled against my belly,
where he could feel my heartbeat, and stayed there all night. I
woke up a couple of times, and he was still right there, purring
whenever I petted him. It doesn't get any better than that!
Thank you again, so much, for the wonderful BBQ yesterday!
We enjoyed it so much and it was great fun to visit with you
and your family. Your children are just great kids and you are
doing a wonderful job raising them. We enjoyed getting to
know your mother, too. She is one super lady!
You and your family were just the perfect parents while Andy
was learning about the world. Thank you again for doing such a
super job. He couldn't have had better! I'll keep in touch so
you know how he's growing.
    CFF Grand Champion Magical Neda of Kasseldolls
      Dam: Celestrail Arwen of of Magical  Sire: Magical Samwise
Here at the Kassel we had decided NOT to buy anymore cats and just hold
back kittens of our own breeding. We instantly fell in love and we HAD to
have her! Her name is Magical Neda of Kasseldolls and she is magical for sure.
She is a beautiful blue lynx mitted. She has the most beautiful eyes and one
look into them and you fall under her spell. Neda was shown both as a kitten
and an adult and did very well in both classes. She earned year end top 20
wins in BOTH classes in the same year! She has gone to CFF, TICA and AACE
shows. In every organization she has received best of breeds and finals
including several BEST. This is an amazing accomplishment!
She has wowed the judges with her great type, great boning and substantial
weight. She always gets comments on her super markings and the beautiful
blaze on her face that gives her that extra POP! Neda recently achieved her
CFF Grand Championship title.
She did so in only 2 and a half shows!
Sharing the Magic of the Ragdoll Cat
Wally at just nine months.
He is Neda's full brother and is
being loved  by the Dixon family!
Magical Samwise Gamgee
Sire:  RW SGC Stormy of Rags2richesRagdolls
Dam:  Ragbenchers Auora of Magical
We found a purrfect cattery home in the Netherlands
for our big lover boy.
Ine flew all the way to the USA to pick him up!
Sammy is Magical's first export.
Hi Annalisa
Dusty and Bandit had their 6 month old birthday on Sunday. They have been to the vet some and have been found to be in excellent health!   
Bandit weighs 8 pounds and Dusty is 8.5 pounds and eating like it is a contest. I think he is going to be one big boy. Pam had wanted a cat,
since our 11 year old cat, Hobbes, hangs around our kids most of the time. It seems Dusty has risen to that occasion. His motor turns on with
a soft petting almost every time. Dusty and Cosmo, our other kitten that found us while in our engine compartment, seem to hang out a lot.  
They love to wrestle and chase each other around. Cosmo and Bandit play together too and of course the two ragdolls can be seen having fun
together. As you may remember, we have two boys living with us, one 15 and the other 22. If Bandit is in the same room as Pam or myself, it
is funny to observe our son’s actions. They casually walk into our room and try to make small talk, which they never have done before. Then,
after 1 or two painful minutes of talking to their parents, they nonchalantly pick up Bandit and leave the room. They really like Bandit to be
with them in their bedrooms. The ragdolls certainly are different than other cats we have had. They just flop down where they want to lay
and that is that. They also love to have their bellies rubbed. I also noticed at the vets, that they are simply curious when a big dog can be
seen.The ragdolls have easy going personalities. They also like their toys.  Now that the temperatures are warming up, I’m leaving the door
to our screened in porch open. They love watching the birds and squirrels. Dusty and Bandit aren’t demanding, they just put their paws and
nose close the screen and watch.  I’ve attached some pictures so you can see how they have grown. Bandit’s colors is slowly getting darker,
Dusty is still fluffy as ever. Thanks so much for allowing us to have this wonderful ragdoll experience.  You made it so easy for us by letting
us take time to decide on which kittens we wanted and once they were home, they were in perfect health and great temperaments.
Till next time,
Tom and Pam
Mr. Happy Feet, Christmas "2011" just over a year old. Here he is in Feb. 2012.
Mr. Happy Feet is a wonderful example of a Chocolate Mittted Ragdoll.
You can see what Cheryl has to say about him on our kitten page
Magical Ragdolls would like to take the time to thank the family's and breeders who over the years
have loved each and very Ragdoll kitten we have bred.  
We strive to produce the best Ragdolls!
Thank You, Annalisa
Hi Annalisa,                                                                        3/13/13
I just wanted to email you and give you an update on the little man! He
is doing WONDERFUL! We had a slight issue, but that was solved
within the first day! Our dog is named Opie, and we had named the
kitten Loki. Well they are both very, very similar so our dog was
getting confused when we were saying Loki, he thought Opie. So we
changed the little mans name to Leo! He is so precious! He follows my
husband and I around the house, meows, purrs so loud and cuddles all
night long! He knows exactly where his liter box is and LOVES to
explore the house. Leo and Opie cuddle together and are slowly
becoming the best of brothers! We are so thankful for you and all
your help with bringing this new wonderful addition to our family. He
is so perfect and everyone absolutely loves him. He is our little
explorer and loves to be with us at all times. My even "tough on the
outside", military man of a husband melts when Leo is in his arms. I
woke up in the middle of the night last night to find Leo laying across
his neck and they were both sound asleep! I have the perfect little
family and am so blessed you helped us along the process!
Hope you have a wonderful week!
Thank you again,
Kady, Jeremy, Opie, and Leo!