Welcome to Magical Ragdolls!
We are a very small Ragdoll Cattery in the Raleigh area.  Here in beautiful North Carolina,we found a great house to
meet Magical's needs.  All of our kitties are raised under foot with love, and are our children.
We do not believe in caging our cats, and our babies have free run of the house.  Our Ragdoll kittens and mamma's have
their own rooms, and our male has his own room too.  We have a screened in porch that is great for sunning, or watching
the rain.  It is the closest thing to the Great Outdoors that Ragdolls should ever encounter.  Due to their docile nature
Ragdolls should never be outside!

Magical Ragdolls is a TICA and CFA registered cattery. With CfA we are Magicaldolls..  

Magical only breeds top of the line pedigrees. All of our kittens come with a three year health guarantee...
They will have all kitten vaccines, be de wormed and spayed.  Plus have a huge kitten care package with all food
samples.  Our goal is to produce healthy, top of the line Ragdoll Cats.  Every Breeder has been DNA tested by
Washington State University for HCM, we are proud to say they are all Negative and they  are screened for feline
disease!  We do this to ensure all kittens and cats are healthy.  The age old question, what sex makes a better pet...  
BOTH... Bottom line is look at the individual temperament of each kitten.  By limiting yourself to only wanting one sex
means you could be passing up the most mellow affectionate kitten that could give you years of love and enjoyment!  
Also because all our kittens are early altered (neutered) there is never a problem with them ever spraying!!!
I do not hold a kitten without a deposit, but this deposit is fully refundable until the baby is six weeks old.  After that
time if you find you are unable to proceed with the adoption, the amount refunded will depend on the price I receive
for the kitten.  If I am able to sell the kitten for full price, you will receive your full deposit.  If I'm unable to find a
good home for the kitten without having to reduce the price, the difference will come out of the deposit.  I'm proud to
say I've never kept a penny of a deposit.
We welcome people to come to our home and see our cats and kittens at anytime.

Please have a look around and enjoy our cats and kittens.  We are excited to only produce the very best of this magical
Ragdoll breed.  We show our cats because of our dedication
to the betterment of our Ragdoll breed and for our own enjoyment.

Please watch Magical Ragdolls often to enjoy our coming Show/Breeder kitten additions
and current Magical Ragdoll News!

We hope to hear from you for your own Magical Ragdoll.
Sharing the Magic of the Ragdoll Cat